SID is the most accurate way to use custom information with AI. We offer the ability to source information from almost anywhere: Your own servers, your customers’ data, and third-party APIs like Google Mail, Notion, and Google Drive.


  • takes data from almost anywhere
  • automatically extracts information
  • hosts that information publicly or privately
  • lets you use that information with any AI model

In order to be the most accurate, we need to be opinionated about how the data is structured, processed, and stored. SID is probably not a fit if you care about the ef_construction value for the . We are a fit if you’re looking for a self-improving, reliable retrieval pipeline for RAG.

If you’re new to SID, we recommend starting with our quickstart tutorial.

We never train on your data.


This documentation will be insufficient in uncountable ways. If you’re stuck on something, please email us or book a time to chat in the dashboard. Should you find a bug or an error, you can use the “Suggest edits” and “Raise issue” buttons at the bottom of every page.