Capsules store information – like a time capsule. You define the information that makes up a capsule. There is no size limit for a capsule, but many people choose to break down their capsules by:

  • topic
  • user
  • project

There is also no limit on the number of capsules you can create. If it makes sense for your application, feel free to create multiple capsules per topic, user, or project.

How to add information to a capsule

You can add information by ingesting files, raw text or syncing data from other sources. The simplest way to do this is using the dashboard, but most production use cases will use the API.

When adding data to a capsule it automatically gets broken down into smaller chunks to make it searchable. SID extracts some metadata that is available from parsing the file, but you can add your own metadata as well.

Retrieving data for RAG

To retrieve data for RAG – or any other use case – you can use the query or chat endpoints.

Data may take a few seconds to be indexed and available for querying.