The OAuth2.0 authentication flow is a standard protocol for allowing users to connect their accounts from one application to another. SID uses this protocol to securely give your application access to the user’s SID account. It involves the following general steps:

  1. Start the Authorization: In your application, the user clicks an authorization link which takes them to their SID account to authenticate.

  2. Grant Access: The user logs in to their SID account and grants your application access.

  3. Callback: The user is redirected back to your application with an authorization code. The target of the redirect is a URI that you specify, such as

  4. Tokens Issued: Your application exchanges the authorization code for an access token and refresh token, and stores them for future use. The user is now authenticated and your application can make requests to the SID API on their behalf.

See the below diagram for a visual representation of the flow:

Get Credentials

Get your client ID and client secret to use in your application.

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