Currently, we have a Python package available. We are working on packages for other languages, and will update this page as they become available.


First, install the package using pip:

pip install sidai

Then, in your Python code:

from sidai.connect import SIDConnect, CustomItem

sid = SIDConnect()

# User access token obtained through auth flow
token = '<TOKEN>'

# Make a query
query_response = sid.query(token=token, query="What does SID do?")
for snippet in query_response.results:

# Get an example
example_response = sid.example(token=token, usage='question')

# Insert custom items
items = [
    CustomItem(name=f'item{i}', text=f'item{i} description') 
    for i in range(10)
sid.insert_custom(token=token, items=items)

# Clear custom items